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The Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici (PNAESM) was created when it was declared as such by Decree of 21 October 1955 by the Ministry of Agriculture (BOE 25, 21-11-55) under the guidelines of the National Parks Act of 1916. It is one of the fifteen parks in the Spanish network of national parks and the only one of this category in Catalonia.

In 1988, Law 7/1988 of 30 March 1988 on the reclassification of the Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici was published. This Law established the need to provide it with a framework document for management and use planning. The first Master Plan for Use and Management (PRUG) was approved in 1993.

After several extensions, the second PRUG was approved in February 2003. This document has to be adapted to the provisions of the new National Parks Master Plan in force and is the main planning and regulation document of the Park, defining the management objectives and the regulation of uses and activities such as, for example, the following:

  • Ensure the conservation of natural processes and cultural values.
  • Define public use, promote education and dissemination of ecological values and integrate the local population in its activities.
  • Promote scientific research on natural, ethnological and cultural heritage.

These objectives must be achieved during the period of validity of the PRUG. The Park and its surroundings encompass a natural and cultural heritage of exceptional value, for which reason an environmental management system has been implemented to minimise the impact on the natural environment of the activities carried out and to establish a correct environmental behaviour that allows the preservation of this heritage.


National Park 14,119 ha

  • Special use area 14.760 m2
  • Moderate use zone 28.05 ha
  • Restricted use area 13,733.32 ha
  • Reserve area 317.63 ha

Peripheral area 26,733 ha

  • Integral reserve area 93.56 m2
  • Area of Special Ecological and Landscape Interest 6,010.43 ha
  • Peripheral area for special use 61.181 m2
  • External protection zone 20,629.01 ha

Area of socio-economic influence 1,447.50 km2


Activities and scope of the Environmental Statement

The Management, following the guidelines of the Generalitat de Catalunya, adds to the strategy of integrating the environmental variable into the management of the Park and its infrastructures. The integration of the environmental variable involves the definition and implementation of an Environmental Management System, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1221/2009 as amended by Regulation (EU) 2017/1505 and Regulation (EU) 2018/2026.

Thus, since 2005, an Environmental Management System has been implemented, adapted to the structure and needs of the Park, focused on the continuous improvement of environmental performance. The scope of the Environmental Management System encompasses the following activities, services and facilities:

Activities and services

  • Administrative formalities (authorisations, grants and other procedures).
  • Access and visitor control.
  • Information for users (recommended itineraries, regulations, guides and transport).
  • Conservation, recovery and monitoring of natural resources (geological, soil, water, genetic, flora, fauna and landscape).
  • Management and maintenance of infrastructures and equipment (shelters, routes and forest tracks and other facilities).
  • Research activities.
  • Training and dissemination of natural and ecological values.


  • Parc de Boí House
  • Parc d'Espot House
  • Senet Information Centre "La Serradora".
  • Information centre of Llessui, Ecomuseu dels pastors de la Vall d'Àssua
  • Toirigo Environmental Interpretation Centre
  • Aigüestortes chalet-refuge
  • Erill Garage
  • Erill Forest House
  • Espot Garage
  • Refuge of Estany Llong
  • Ventosa i Calvell Refuge
  • Pla de la Font Refuge


Description of the Environmental Management System

Include a brief description of the management structure that supports the organisation's environmental management system.


Location and contact

Address: C/ de les Graieres 2, 25528 BoiTel: 973696189 - Mail: -


Main and secondary CNAE Code: 84.12. which regulates health, educational and cultural activities and other social services, except Social Security. , 

Organizational Policy

The Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, with more than 60 years of history, establishes the following principles of action that form the basis of its environmental policy and code of conduct with the aim of establishing sustainability criteria that favour the conservation, protection and improvement of habitats and species:

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and voluntary requirements.
  • Periodically verify the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Promote and disseminate good environmental practices.
  • Prevent negative impacts and ensure the maintenance of natural processes.
  • Actively participate in projects to study and improve knowledge of the natural environment.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The director-conservator

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408.520.000 m2


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294.95 Mwh

- Renewable Purchase %Renewable
- Photovoltaic Prod. %Photovoltaic Prod.



436,76 m3

- Supply network 35




- Public watercourse % Public watercourse % Public watercourse % Public watercourse % Public watercourse % Public watercourse
- Sewage system



72,58 Tn

- Indirect %Indirect
- Direct %Direct



 1,96 Tn

- Hazardous 8.3
- Valorization

Unit values on production/performance

7,85 Mhw/Workers p.s.

11,62 m3/Workersp.s.


1,93 Tn/Workersp.s.

0,052 Tn/Workersp.s.

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