The 3rd Conference on Sustainable Action in the Communication Industry was very well received by all those attending. 

On March 29, the 3rd Conference on Sustainable Action in Enterprise (JASE) was held at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, organized by Ecomundis and El Port de Barcelona as host organization.

The event was inaugurated by José Alberto Carbonell, general manager of the Port of Barcelona, who highlighted how "Sustainability has effects on third parties and, therefore, has to be above business objectives. As a public entity, we have to explain our environmental commitments in a way that is transparent and understandable to all of society".

Dedicated on this occasion to Communication on Sustainability, 65 attendees had the opportunity to learn about the regulations, tools and recommendations presented by eight luxury speakers. Virginia Ferrer-Vidal, Josep Maria Masip (Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat), Maria Passalacqua (Club EMAS), Ana Del Río (DNVGL), Pablo Chamorro (ECOMUNDIS), Jordi Vila (PORT DE BARCELONA) Mari Carmen Rodriguez (B.BRAUN), Arturo Ricarte (TEPSA) and Miquel Lliteras (MB92).

The moderator of this conference, Pablo Chamorro, congratulated the host entity for its collaboration and willingness to host a conference that seeks synergies between those responsible for the environment and sustainability in order to promote and communicate their commitments and actions to protect the environment, sustainable development and circular economy.

Among the contents that were exposed, we highlight some of those that can be downloaded through the attached pdf presentations.


Summary of presentations

  • Technically, EMAS is presented as the most complete and powerful communication option today. Thanks to the EMAS Environmental Declarations, their validation and registration accredit the most solvent and transparent communication in terms of environmental management and performance of the organizations. A registration guaranteed by a European Regulation that also presents certain advantages. It should be noted that there is still a long way to go in terms of communication by the organisations themselves that have this distinction.
  • The Department of Territory and Sustainability is leading the European Interreg-ENHANCE project that promotes the necessary ways to achieve new incentives for EMAS registered companies. This is good news for those companies that are registered under the European EMAS Regulation. In the coming years, incentives, bonuses, simplification of procedures, reduction of some inspections and other advantages that have been explored will be activated and will be approved in the next two years.
  • The changes in the EMAS Regulation, which affect the contents of the Environmental Statements, are aimed at making the magnitudes used in the basic and specific indicators to be reported more flexible. The indicators associated with significant indirect environmental aspects must also be included in the Environmental Statements and include how the feasibility of implementing the best environmental practices that have been approved by the sector has been adopted or assessed. The Biodiversity indicator has been revised to make it more useful.
  • The use of digital media is clearly recommended for the publication and format of the Environmental Statement, as well as its integration with other corporate documents or reports such as CSR or Sustainability Reports.
  • The validation or verification of the Environmental Statement is not the objective, it is part of the necessary path to base a truthful communication of environmental data and information. The communication channels and elements must be developed later on according to their addressees and in accordance with a Communication Plan or a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • Law 11/2018, on non-financial information, incorporates relevant novelties, since in the case of organisations that have obtained EMAS registration, the information contained in the environmental statement validated by the accredited verifier will be considered valid and sufficient to comply with the section of the report dedicated to environmental information, to the extent that this certificate does not only operate by work centre and covers the entire activity of the company. However, EMAS accreditation cannot in any case exempt the entity from reporting on environmental activity in the non-financial report, with the aim of having all the non-financial information required by the Directive in a single document. Companies that have more detailed studies of their carbon footprint, policies for adapting to the impacts of climate change or other environmental areas may provide this information as a complement to the other environmental information required.
  • It was explained that in the near future, on the horizon of 2030, stakeholders will not understand that a company uses the appellation "Sustainable" or "Eco-efficient" if it does not have master plans and actions in four main areas:
    1. Management based on the continuous improvement of performance indicators or environmental behaviour in the production processes or in the development or presentation of the service.
    2. A strategy for the eco-design of products and services in the medium and long term that takes into account the circular economy and industrial symbiosis
    3. The adoption of renewable energies through certified energy acquisition or self-production.
    4. The interaction or stakeholder engagement, as well as the analysis of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders within the framework of corporate social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Action

The SustainableAction® Network is a comunitat no asociativa d'empreses i stakeholders que col-laborem lliurement in projects and actions for development of a new paradigm of business based on progress economic and sustainable development.
All actions to be carried out are proposed,plan, execute and finance for the sameparticipating companies that are involved in eachprojecte de la comunitat Acció Sostenible®. ECOMUNDIS is the company that manages the actions and programs together with the host companies.
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COMMUNICATIONS NOTE: Sustainability communication requirements and tools

Next March 29th, from 9h to 14h, the third edition of the Sustainable Business Action Days (JASE) will take place at the World Trade Center building in Barcelona. This workshop is organized by Ecomundis and it will be hosted by the Port Authority of Barcelona.

This event is characterised by the collaboration between different companies with the support of organisations and institutions that provide their technical and practical knowledge. JASE'19, will have the pleasure of counting on the know-how of DNVGL, the Department of Territory and Sustainability (Generalitat de Catalunya), Club EMAS, TEPSA, B. BRAUN and MARINA BARCELONA'92, as well as the contributions of the organisers themselves.

Sota el títol Requirements and communication tools in the field of sustainability, the conference will introduce the different indications and recommendations in this area, using the EMAS regulation and the environmental statements as a solvent and versatile communication tool for this purpose.

There are many aspects that involve internal and external corporate communication demands, from CO2 emissions, as a result and main indicator of the fight against climate change, going through the circular economy, ecological issues, eco-design or eco-labeling among others. A whole sea of possibilities to get to know each other and to translate the environmental commitment into information that can be understood by the target public.

This conference will introduce the main changes included in the recent modification of the European EMAS Regulation, as well as other complementary changes to provide answers to the environmental communication requirements that stakeholders or interested parties incorporate into their expectations of accurate and valid information.

We will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Interreg Europe ENHANCE Project, led by the Department of Territory and Sustainability. An interregional cooperation project that aims to improve regional policies on resource efficiency through EMAS and to promote and give visibility to EMAS as a driver of the circular economy.

As a new development, Ecomundis, a company that publishes corporate sustainability reports, will present the first self-editable online Environmental Declaration model for its own organizations.

This event is aimed at companies and activities with certified environmental management systems or in the process of implementation. Additional places will be available for student assistants and other activities depending on the number of registered students and by strict order of request for assistance.

REGISTRATION FORMS: https://ecomundis.com/forms/jase19/

The program and the list of speakers are shown below.

Documentation and presentations