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The systematic collection of sustainability data and information from the network of suppliers is today a necessary task to know the social and environmental impact of them and a key process to improve the life cycle of products and services, improve the carbon footprint or implement the circular economy in our companies and organizations.

RigthSupply is an online customer and supplier support platform based on international standards. Using simple forms and data tables, your company and stakeholders will save time in the collection and subsequent analysis of information, having a common, objective and verifiable system for the evaluation and communication of corporate sustainability.


Customer & buyer

  • It centralizes the management and analysis of environmental and social data from suppliers.
  • It eliminates the repeated request for sustainability data.
  • Allows for third party data verification.
  • It facilitates the comparative analysis of environmental purchasing criteria.
  • It collects essential data for the assessment of the Circular Economy and the Carbon Footprint.
  • It guarantees the updating of the certificates and solvency marks in terms of sustainability.
  • Minimizes the time spent by the buyer in requesting and analyzing data from their suppliers.

Supplier & provider

  • Streamlines reporting and updating of sustainability data to customers.
  • Increases credibility with customers and buyers.
  • Allows for third party verification.
  • It simplifies the repeated and recurrent preparation and transmission of data and information.
  • It allows direct editing of reviews and their referral to different clients.
  • It reports essential data for the assessment of the Circular Economy and the Carbon Footprint.
  • It reports on the progress of the Agenda 2030 SDGs.

Reporting & statements

  • It allows online desktop publishing of your RS Sustainability Report.
  • Automatically generates the RS-ISO 26000 Sustainability Index 
  • It simplifies reporting and editing tasks, thanks to the use of a single dynamic form.
  • It meets the external and internal communication requirements of ISO 14001:2015.
  • It facilitates the European EMAS registration.
  • It includes the principles and criteria of the ISO 26000
  • It integrates the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.

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